Saturday, 31 July 2010

In our house made of paper

Hello I hope everyone is good, and enjoying their summer. My mother kindly purchased this dress for me from warehouse, I don't really go in their if I'm being honest. Partly because where I live it's in the opposite direction to everything else and partly because when I go in with my friends they give us a dirty looks. But anyways I plan to wear this to the new vintage festival at goodwood which I think is going to be pretty awesome, I mean it better be the tickets cost enough!

dress-warehouse, £45

I plan on posting some pictures that I've taken soon because my lovely aunty has given me her old cannon eos something or other so I'm off to where my mum works to take some pictures with my friends, so keep you eyes open!

2 Whispered words:

Portraying Taylor said...

oh my gosh ! that dress is soooo cute ! im like in love with it ! [: and yes robert is kind of a hottie ! [: hahah check me out ?[:
awesome blog btw love all the pictures [:

Spence. said...

Adorable dress! I'm addicted to lace, tehe.