Saturday, 10 July 2010

You and I buy star maps

Hello all. The weather has been lovely here, almost too hot! I know, shock! I finally got some film for the camera I found at the carboot and I took it round Lanta's to take some pictures, now we just have to wait and see after the pictures have been developed if it was a success of not. One problem is that from where it's been thrown around in my bag, the part of the view finder has come out of place inside the camera, which is a bit of a bummer we can work round that.
shirt-topshop £20, Shorts- ebay £4.99

2 Whispered words:

Jazzabelle said...

beautiful pictures, i adore your hair in the second photograph! i can't wait to see how your film turns out :)

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Indigo said...

ive just got one of these cameras too!! Im waiting to see how my film turns out!! Let me know how yours does! ") XX