Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I went to Camden today

I went down to Camden today with my good friend Atlanta. It seems the suns decided to show its face now! We went and sat on the motorcycle seats by the canal that I love and we ate a crepe, I think now a woman who was filming where we were sitting has a rather unattractive video of my attempting to eat my crepe without an knife or fork!
We walked around all the market for a bit, I did consider going in one of the things where you put your feet in the water and all the fish eat the dead skin, has anyone seen those? They look so cool. We walked around for a while and I bought a dress, levi cut offs (I'll show these to you soon) and I have also decided to jump on the bandwagon with some geek glasses. When we were rushing to get the tube I saw a man with a parrot on his shoulder. It was the strangest thing he was just walking around casually with a parrot on his shoulder!

I'm off to the beach tomorrow, so hope the weather is still good!

Monday, 30 August 2010

I built a man made out of bricks

I'm back from Wales and Devon. I had a lovely time of course. When I went to Devon I visited my three younger cousins, one who is named Evie decided that she wanted to dress up like me so we both went into the nearest large town. Me wearing a pink chiffon dress, denim jacket, spotty tights and boots, Evie wore pink floral dress, denim jackets and stripy tights. I'll see if I can find a picture somewhere!

In other news, I have bought a new dress and blouse from h&m. I have only three days left until it is officially the end of my summer holidays. My summers been okay, ruined a bit by the weather, it's been rubbish, it should be sunny whereas it's been dull and grey. I've been to Camden, somewhere I never visited until now. I've been to Brighton several times and I got to go to vintage festival.

So for now I'm going to leave you with some photography inspiration

Sunday, 22 August 2010

She takes the night bus

Another short post today, I'm meant to be packing for my trip to Wales with friends, which I'm leaving for tomorrow morning. Turns out I'm sat here and watching young, dumb and living off mum with all my packing just on my floor. Yesterday my good friend Amelia came round, underneath are some pictures from our random dancing to Florence and the machine. Just thinking if I have anything else interesting to write about... no nothing ha. Oh this is what I've been listening to the past days. So I will see you all soon, I think I'm going to miss my little blog!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Just a short post as I haven't been up to an awful lot I went to Brighton the other day and visited Beyond retro where I got this dress. It was between this dress or a navy pleated skirt but I decided against the skirt because I thought I could probably find a better fitting one somewhere else. Um I think that's about it for now, as I said quite a sort post. Where I live is pretty much really boring so trying to think of things to do haha. I think I'm away all of next week the first part I'm in Wales with friends and then the second in Devon with family so if you don't hear from me for a while, that's why.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Hello I hope the weather hasn't been as awful everywhere as it has here, I thought it was meant to be summer but I am mistaken!
On Saturday I went to Vintage at goodwood which is a new summer festival. Now I had heard from people that went on the Friday that it was meant to be good but it was their first year so I had doubts. When you arrive you walk down through a forest lit by fairy lights which were hung in the trees then you arrive at the main entrance where you walk down a red carpet (Where may I add I was asked for my picture twice haha) Once inside there has been a whole movie set style vintage street built which is very impressive. Unfortunately I was stupid enough to not take a picture of it but I will let you imagine it in your head. I spent the morning browsing through the vintage market placed which housed over a hundred different stalls and eating waffles.
In the afternoon it decided to rain but me and fern soldiered on and went for a look around the fair ground and the roller disco, then I got my make up done. About five we started queuing to see Brix Smith (the American one off gok wan)and George Lamb's (we all know George) catwalk show showcasing their lives through their clothes. I took alot more pictures but only put my favourite outfit in this post. George was looking particularly dashing in a tweed jacket, hunters and ray bans might I add haha. We then ended the day by watching the noisettes set on the main stage which was really good. I'll show you what I bought in another post as this is already far longer than my usual ones and is a picture overload!
p.s. my boots are from schuh and one of my favourite items I own!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Your songs remind me of swimming

Half way through my third week of summer and I still feel like I haven't done nearly as much as I should have which seems to happen to me year after year. Six week seems like a long time, but it really isn't long enough to do everything you want to is it?

So anyway today where I live you can rent a rowing boat for £2.50 a person for an hour, so me and some buddies decided to rent one. I wasn't rowing because the last time I rowed a boat it ended in disaster and a nearly lost oar. But that's another story. My friends weren't much better so if in the pictures I look wet it's because their bad rowing at got me wet but I don't think that was an accident haha. Oh and also the started out really sunny so I got over excited and put on some shorts and then it clouded over and rained. Which is typical.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Beneath this fragile veil of spirit

okay so it's meant to be August but it is utterly miserable outside, which is great.
So today I played laser quest with Lanta and Lucy S. I was faced with a dilemma because, as I said it's raining and cold but when your playing laser quest it gets pretty intense and hot so I made a compromise with the socks.
shorts- ebay top- h&m cardigan- hollister socks-jack wills

I will blog either Thursday day possibly Wednesday but definitely Sunday after Vintage on Saturday!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lonely robot in a wasteland

Thank you for all the comments on the photos in the last post, I think we may be going back soon to take some more. So watch this space!
I went to Camden market today with my family, it's the first time I've been but I loved and am going back on Tuesday with Lanta. I didn't buy much mainly because I'm saving for vintage festival which is on Saturday but I did get two necklaces as I've been wanting some longer ones for a while. Below is what I wore and below that are the two necklaces which I purchased

Dress- warehouse, socks- jack wills

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Johanna drove slowly into the city

I'm approaching the end of my second week of summer now, the weathers been trying to trick me, it will start cloudy and then by the end of the day be absolutely boiling.
Yesterday I went to where my mum works with my friends, Lanta, Chloe and Lucy so that we could take some pictures and the such. So prepare for a photo heavy post. I'm not particularly happy about the layout of the post here but my computer is being a pain, sorry.

These pictures taken by me, in my head they kind of a tell a bit of a story but I don't know if anyone else will pick up on my train of thought haha.

Below is a small selection of pictures taken by Lanta of me, I know I look a bit scary but I quite like it, I don't know why. They came up a little small but as I said the computer is being a pain, sorry. I guess you could always click on them to enlarge them.

I'll blog soon, I want to but it's just finding something to blog about!