Monday, 25 June 2012

Etsy Monday?

                                                       Yellow dress                Jacket 

I be selling some items on my new etsy store, something I decided to set up to entertain me over the summer.  So feel free to head on over. 

I've got a job interview today, I'm nervous, so Imma just go practice smiling, reducing the amount of sarcasm I use and controlling my knee-jerk reaction to swear whenever something goes slightly wrong. 
It's looking good?

Friday, 8 June 2012

If you've nothing nice to say

Okay, I'm going to rant now. Feel free to not read this at all, not even to click on the little linky thing that comes up on your dashboard.

It's become a bit of a habit for me to have a quick visit over to the Topshop facebook page of a morning for a little bit of style inspiration. I love a good bit of street style to give me an idea of how I could mix things in my wardrobe up.

Now, I wouldn't recreate some of the looks, I'm not that daring at all, but I admire those who are. However, clearly some people don't agree. Evidently some people were never taught the good old phrase 'If you don't have anything nice to say, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL'.  Hey, I'm not saying I've never come out with  something slightly malicious, although usually it is delivered through heavy sarcasm and I don't usually mean it (looking at you Gemma, ya know I love ya really). But some of these comments are just 'whaaaaat?' worthy.Seriously.
Below are a few of some looks which I found and loved, accompanied by some of their equally lovable comments. 

OH do not even get me started on that sexy comment. OH OH TOO LATE I've started.

Why on EARTH should this girl, have to dress so she is sexually appealing to you? Who are you to say that the way she dresses is wrong, just because you don't find it 'sexy'? Naah, don't dress how you want to, or dress how you want to express yourself, doesn't matter because it all really boils down whether or not your clothes make people want to sleep with you.
 Objectifying that girl's fine. Topshop aren't going to object to it, clearly.

These cases aren't the only ones, I just got bored of print screening. 
Maybe I'm just bitter because, although I am certainly not the most outlandish dresser in the blogosphere, I'm regarded as a bit of a freak-dresser in my relatively small town along with the skinhead, the girl who likes to wear bright clothes and the guy with the vespa. But I hate seeing people just plain ol' dissing others who are clearly being inventive and dressing differently, which is a good thing because we need a bit of variety. Yes, there are positive comments which in theory, weigh out these ones but personally I feel that's kind of irrelevant. People are entitled to their own opinion, but when that person's opinion is just flat out mean, I see no reason why it should be left on the comment page.

On more than one occasion in my home town I've had people openly stare at me as I walk down the street. Although as I was told once it's my own fault for dressing the way I do.
 People have made sarky comments as I walk past (met with my now patented death glare). 
Fashion, and the way we dress, the way I see it, is a representation of us. Clothes allow you to show people what kind of person you are, which according to the girls I encountered the other day defines me as 'grannaaaay'. Our clothes are a continuation of our personality. The way you dress massively affects your confidence, I think. If I think I look nice, I'm instantly more positive. Who are those other people to judge whether my outfit 'works', is in season or conforms to what THEY view as good taste. (I am aware of the fact I moaned about bum cheek showing shorts a few posts down, forgive my hypocritical nature)

I guess the point of this rant is this. I just cannot fathom the fundamental thought process behind these people and, what annoys me more is that the internet now allows these name callers and comment shouters a platform where they can just throw these things around as much as they like. 
If I was writing a proper argument here against mean people and for boundary-pushing dressers I would give you a far more balanced argument and cover all points of view, as I learned to do so for my joyous English GCSE, however I'm bored now, in a way that also reflects my English GCSE exam (Sorry Ms. In the massively unlikely case you find this in some strange parallel universe).

All pictures lovingly borrowed from Topshop.