Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Aurora Dress

Over the coming weeks I'm going to have some posts featuring some of my favourite items from the store and today I'm going to wax lyrical about the Aurora Dress

I am SO in love with this dress, it is totally perfect. I can't shake the idea of how perfect it would be for someone's prom with gold accessories and a impressive beehive game. The colours are lovely pale shades of purple and blue, which hasn't come out the best in the above shots, but is so cute. Part of me wishes I hadn't committed myself to a Marlene/Dita tux (more on that later!) for my Sixth Form Ball, so I could wear this instead! 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Green and yellow=60s canary

It was sunny today, and I don't know if you heard, that doesn't happen very often here England. We, as a nation, are very excited about it. 

Today I donned a 60s number to revise in, feeling a little like a colourful canary. It was originally paired with some skin-coloured tights, but they weren't half as exciting as the possibility of this fabulous colour clashing opportunity. I embraced this opportunity wholeheartedly. Also, if you are a VERY avid reader you will remember that these were the sunglasses which I won from Chloe (they are quite easily the most expensive thing I own BY MILES) so it's always jolly exciting to whip them out and I think they complimented this 6os ensemble nicely. 

I would just like to point out that, as obviously, all my photos are taken in my room you never get to see what footwear I'm sporting. To clear up any mystery it is always a pair of dodgy old white converses, which always ruin my outfit, because they are the only shoes I can lug books around in. Very glamourous. 

    Dress- To be worn again kilo sale (they have supplied the whole of my wardrobe) glasses-chloe

p.s. I promise I am not a stalker, the crazy ass sticker chaos is history revision. PROMISE. (......I love you Benedict.....) 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

50s jacket and awkward hands

I'm avoiding revision. My revising has gone DRASTICALLY down hill these past few weeks, just as it's starting to become important. I feel like my brain is full and every time I go to start revising I just become so painfully bored I can't actually concentrate on anything. I'm very stressed about this.

On the other hand however, I really liked my outfit today. I mean yes, I was sweating one out when the sun came out later in the day, but apart from that it was great. What's even better is that the whole outfit probably cost me no more than £20, the dress and skirt being part of bulk buys from the TBWA (still not their poster girl) kilo sale and the hat coming from my local Cats Protection charity shop. SHOUT OUT TO CATS PROTECTION, my favourite charity shop of all. They even have pictures of cats in the changing room, which is great until you realise they are watching you change and judging your clothing choices.

I hope everyone else who is doing exams is making a much better job of it than me! I also apologise for my awkward hand poses in the pictures, I seem to have turned into a knock off Florence Welch, but I wanted you to be able to see the amazing shape of this jacket. It is a THOUSAND TIMES BETTER than the square blazer everywhere sells, but that's just because I generally wear my clothes three sizes to small in the hope that I look like an hour glass, opposed to whatever kind of fruit it is I actually look like (apple? pear? banana?!). 

     Hat- Charity shop (cat's protection. PREECH) Jacket & dress- To Be Worn Again Kilo sale
                                            STARING CONTEST. You lose.