Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Oh momma, I wanna go surfin'

Hello hope everyone's okay. Still sunny here but I have sports day tomorrow so it will either be really too hot to run in or raining. I'm going to see Eclipse this weekend at one of the previews near me, yes, I am far too excited about it ha

Here's a suitcasey thing I got today from a new shop that's opened by me, it was the only one there, I managed to pick it up in time before this other girl could, she kept staring at me, I think she thought I was going to put it down, no chance.

Underneath is one of my favourite people florence welch's dressing table, I really seem to talk about her too much and now I look slightly obsessed when I'm not but whatever ha. I just love this dressing table alot. This what I am aiming for my room to look like. To the un-trained eye it looks like junk, to me heaven.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Why don't you be the writer, decide the words I say?

Hello all, suns still shining. I've been told my numerous people that the England game was a shambles, I didn't watch it myself, I have no interest in the game at all... although I did go to the David Beckham academy with my school, that was odd ha.

This Friday night I went to my friend Lucy's house, she is lucky enough to have her own pool so we were straight in there. I just spent Saturday night at good ol' Lanta's who has made a recovery from her virusy thing. Thank the lord. I'm thinking of gatecrashing the big house where my mum works to take some pictures, I mean it's so big the probably wont notice if I smuggle in a few friend's in odd costumes and some birdcages...

These pictures taken with official blog photographer lanta

Dress-oysho, £21

Hope you all enjoy the lovely weather and make the most of it. I'll blog when something interesting happens to me... might be awhile ha.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Fall head first like paper planes in playground games

The sun's realised that it is in fact meant to be summer and decided to come out, but I'm stuck inside at school or revising. I'm only 14 and I'm already tired of being a teenager, it's just so stressful, people and their opinions on a variety of subjects, oh well. On the bright side only four weeks left of school. In the past three days I have also developed a list making obsession. Don't ask.

Thought I would share with you the moodboard for the photo shoot that I'm trying to convince my friends to humour me with. The pictures are from all over the place, I would tell you who's is who's but I really don't remember. I just know that two are good ol' Florence without that machine.

I also have an odd sense that I am missing something mixed in with a feeling of foreboding.

p.s. get well soon Lanta, come back and save me from the madness!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

I took the stars from my eyes, and then I made a map

Hello, hope everyone's enjoying their weekend and having a lovely fathers day. I could have a rant in this post about a few things that have bugged me in my life, but I won't because you don't want to know and it's not very interesting blog reading. Rant about not ranting over. Moving on.

This week was my first back after two weeks away, school is dull isn't it? Wednesday went to help Lanta with her music video for her album she's recording. Then on Friday I went to my old school's summer fair, because I'm one of the cool kids like that. Annnnd here is my outfit I wore to a friend's play on Saturday evening, sorry for the bad lighting etc.

Top-zara Skirt-Topshop

I was off to the carboot today with Atlanta, I swear I can walk around a carboot for hours, just going back and checking to make sure I haven't missed anything! There was one stall that was HEAVEN, the woman had old vintage leather suitcases piled up at the back and loads of old vanity cases. I was really excited until she told me that a suitcase was 15 pounds. That wasn't in my budget seeing as I only had 7ish pounds. Here are my buys...

Framed picture- £1, bag-£2, book 'the complete history of the world in pictures'- £1,Camera (working)- £2.

This is the bag I bought I think I'll probably sell it on ebay.

So that's your round up of my life, if I don't blog soon it's because I'm revising for my biology exam, which I really do need to revise for because I have miserably failed all my practice papers.


Monday, 14 June 2010

And so the hat fell in love with the plant...

I've returned from my trip to Spain. No, I am not tanned, as I have been told by many a person. Seriously though I go for one week and everything happens? Oh well cest la vie. I made a few purchases in Espanol, large straw bag for school usage, I have doubts as to how long it will last. Dress from oysho I think, google it and far too many bracelets an obsession I'm going to have to seek treatment for.

I spent the Saturday and Sunday of my return with the gang.

dress- oysho £21.00

Sunday evening I went over to my nan's for Sunday dinner and she gave me a a box saying that is was full of things she didn't want and would I like them. So here are my finds from the box

When anyone else tried to upload a picture does it all come up in code or is that just me? It's really a little annoying hhaha

Friday, 4 June 2010

curioser and curioser

The sun is still shining. Daily weather report for you there. Amelia came round today and I've been packing for the family trip to Spain which I leave for tomorrow, nice and early at 3am. Please enjoy the photos from another impromptu photo shoot this time in my back garden, so if you see a chicken or some random junk please excuse it.

Dress-topshop, hat-Primark

The two above are Amelia, notice the tan.

Skirt- homemade by me and my Grandma, Satchel- carboot

Thursday, 3 June 2010

I did not choose him, he did not choose me

So after the disruption of my account hacking. The weather's been lovely here in England. I know I talk about the weather too much in these posts but it dictates what the rest of my day will be like, sun= going out, rain=staying in being bored.

Wednesday I went to Brighton with Atlanta, we did get lost yes. I now know my way road Brighton like the back of my hand, I've walked through the whole city at least twice. In the end we found our way to the vintage shops, I could spend hours in those places. I nearly purchased some Levi cut offs but a woman grabbed the pair I was about to get seconds before me. I hate her. So in the end I left with nothing but some fudge. It WAS good fudge.

Today, off to the beach with Atlanta again for an random photo shoot in the sun. Like you do.

Grey top-Topshop, £18, Shorts-H&M £14, Sunglasses-Boots. Yes Boots.

I'm off to Spain on Saturday, I doubt we have internet in the villa and I'm going to be attempting to get a tan anyway. I say that I'll come back like a red lobster. So there won't be posts for a while. I'll write as soon as I can or as soon as something blog-worthy happens.

I was a heavy heart to carry

Hello, sorry for the odd posts earlier. SOMEONE, they know who they are, hacked my blogger account because I hacked their facebook. But that's not the point. I just wanted to let you all know that wasn't me AND that won't happen again because I have changed my password and the such.