Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Oh momma, I wanna go surfin'

Hello hope everyone's okay. Still sunny here but I have sports day tomorrow so it will either be really too hot to run in or raining. I'm going to see Eclipse this weekend at one of the previews near me, yes, I am far too excited about it ha

Here's a suitcasey thing I got today from a new shop that's opened by me, it was the only one there, I managed to pick it up in time before this other girl could, she kept staring at me, I think she thought I was going to put it down, no chance.

Underneath is one of my favourite people florence welch's dressing table, I really seem to talk about her too much and now I look slightly obsessed when I'm not but whatever ha. I just love this dressing table alot. This what I am aiming for my room to look like. To the un-trained eye it looks like junk, to me heaven.

9 Whispered words:

Meggstatus said...

Your dressing table is beautiful. I'm sure every little thing on there has a reason to be there. I think that's why I love it so much!

Diya said...

wow I love that suitcase and your dressing table is amazing!!!

Spence. said...

Ahh I love florence welch's style
& that suitecase is amazing! Like seriously, I would have tackled you for it ;) tehe.
Sweet blog.

Georgia said...

I LOVE HER. When I saw her live, at least 2years ago, she was sporting the most amazing gold ans silver facepaint. Her dressing table has similar components to mine
It would be mine

AtlantaCobb said...

I FRIKKEN LOVE FLORENCE. as u already know ells. and OMG ellie u need to tell about this shop,

i'm coming over to your house now

and taaakkinng your suitcase,

and keeping it forever.

Indigo said...

that is beautiful! I love florence too, don't worry, im obsessed also! X

styleeast said...

Your blog is so pretty! Thanks for your comment on mine.

I NEED this suitcase, it's gorgeous.

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Ellie Jane said...

Pardon, what was that last comment meant to mean?