Monday, 28 April 2014

 Hello all, how are we? (I will persist with this). I hope you're all still enjoying your exam season and spending your time far much more wisely than I am. 

In today's outfit I have done my favourite thing of buying a dress and then completely ignoring its original purpose and wearing it as a skirt instead. To be honest with you, the top of this dress is very low cut and I would've been quite chilly today. I picked up this shirt when Urban Outfitters were having a fantastic BUY ONE SALE ITEM GET THE OTHER FREE sale. It was very exciting and I ended up getting this shirt free. HAPPY DAYS.

Please ignore my very makeshift dress form in the background. In case you were wondering it's made from a duct tape mould of my body, stuffed with a pillow, shoved on an old light stand. Very technical, requires lots of skill. Feel free to try it at home for equally disappointing results! 

I'm not sure what's going on with my hip here, I think I may have been falling over slightly when I took this, accounting for the odd shape of my legs. 

Dress/skirt -modcloth   Shirt-Urban Outfitters 


Friday, 25 April 2014

In black to mourn the end of of my academic career.

Hello all! How are we? No one ever answers, why do you never answer? I'm worried about you. How are you?! I'm sure there's some of you who are distinctly not okay because you've just realised how soon your exams are. Am I right? Yeah, same.

Remember when I used to have half decent pictures for my outfits? Not anymore. I'm still waiting to get myself one of those blogger boyfriends. The hunt is not going well. But you probably guessed that. 

I picked up this lovely little 60s dress in a local vintage shop, I mean I was meant to be in there picking out an outfit for the sixth form fashion show, but I got a little distracted. They were lovely, and said they'd hold it a week for me until I got paid. This dress is a hundreds times better in the flesh so trust me when I say it is fantastic and fits me like a VERY WELL-FITTING GLOVE. 

I'm going to now listen to The Boat that Rocked soundtrack on repeat and weep for my lost university place.
Dress - Vintage (Beyond the Fringe) 

                 Have you realised yet that I whole heartedly believe this to be my better side?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Hi there, do you need any help at all?

How ARE we all?! I'm going to provide you with some rare insights to actual, dire state of my room. Just look at the mess on that dressing table. Look at the dress hanging behind me from my taking pictures of it and being to lazy to put it back. My room is a safety hazard the majority of the time. 

I'm really surprised, and I'm sure you are too, that To Be Worn Again Vintage haven't rung me up to be their poster girl yet? It wasn't till I started putting my outfits back up on here that I realised, HOW MUCH I buy from there. Guys, if you're reading I'm open to doing any ad campaigns or instore signings/promotions or you know, just claiming loyal customer discount? Seriously, it's no bother.

I put this outfit together and realised I felt like a diner gal, you know like Mel from that annoying fucking bank advert? You know the one. I want to go in there and just buy a sausage roll to piss them off. Sorry, rant over. Anyway, that is what I was going for in the first picture, not just demonstrating how long and flat my hand can be.

There are a lot pictures of my face in this post, I'm sorry, but my hair had reached new heights this day. 

    Shirt- Vintage (TBWA kilo sale, yeah I'm shortening it TBWA now) Skirt- <--- look="" nbsp="" p="" there.="">

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Rust and Stardust

Items are making their way tentatively onto Rust and Stardust Vintage, my new etsy store. Above are some snippets of the pretty things I've been hoarding to sell! Why not head on over? You have nothing to lose, you are not obligated to buy anything... But it is only polite to do so, really, if you think about it. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Carpet Coat

If you're on holiday now, how are you finding it? Having fun times i hope. I would like to take the time to introduce to the Carpet Coat, thus named because every single time I were it someone asks if it is made of an old carpet/curtain. It is not. It was actually fairly expensive, thank you very much. It does look like a carpet though, in the very best way. 
This dress has been hanging around in my wardrobe for ages now, it was a little too short when I bought it really, and it definitely is now,  but I live dangerously these days. One gusty breeze and it could all be over though. 

Dress- H&M (when I was bout 14) Coat- Vintage (Wolf & Gypsy Vintage) Vacant look- revision denial 

     ooh look at my face, seductive, yes?

Monday, 7 April 2014

Not sunny and no scarfs

It wasn't sunny today, which is good because it means I can wear black and not sweat buckets or look out of place among the fields of pastels. YAY FOR BLACK. I love black, I feel so classy.

 And I can spill food on my self when I eat and you can't see it. As I said, classy.

This dress is a super staple in my wardrobe, its a black 60s pencil dress thing and I wear it ALL THE TIME, and it was a bargain. YAAY FOR BLACK DRESS. And it's pretty little being about two sizes too small for me in reality, but you know, I like a challenge when I get dressed in the morning. 

Do you like how the quality of my photos has just gone so far downhill since I have no one but my laptop to take them for me? I also lost my tripod. How does one lose a tripod? I guess if I had known the answer to that I wouldn't have lost it. I'm so philosophical. 

ALSO, keep your eyes peeled, open with cocktail sticks, not closed, because I'm going to have the first of my items up in my etsy store VERY SOON (I need to stop with the capitals, I know). It's become a great form of procrastination for me, setting up an online store midway through revision, yay for good life choices! 

    Dress- Vintage (To be worn again) Fur-H&M

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunny spots and scarfs

I don't know if you realised, but it was sunny the other day! I donned this summer number to spend all day revising, it didn't even see the sunshine-apart from through library windows. The scarf is from Liberty and I love it. I've got super fancy since 2011. Yeah, I bought it half price in the sale with money earnt from working on a fish counter, but that really is beside the point. 

Is everyone enjoying my totally sporadic web presence? I like to think it surrounds me in mystery and surprise. For all three people that will read this ha. Enjoy your easter you three little people! Have the best time. 

    Dress & Blazer - Zara  Scarf-Liberty