Friday, 25 April 2014

In black to mourn the end of of my academic career.

Hello all! How are we? No one ever answers, why do you never answer? I'm worried about you. How are you?! I'm sure there's some of you who are distinctly not okay because you've just realised how soon your exams are. Am I right? Yeah, same.

Remember when I used to have half decent pictures for my outfits? Not anymore. I'm still waiting to get myself one of those blogger boyfriends. The hunt is not going well. But you probably guessed that. 

I picked up this lovely little 60s dress in a local vintage shop, I mean I was meant to be in there picking out an outfit for the sixth form fashion show, but I got a little distracted. They were lovely, and said they'd hold it a week for me until I got paid. This dress is a hundreds times better in the flesh so trust me when I say it is fantastic and fits me like a VERY WELL-FITTING GLOVE. 

I'm going to now listen to The Boat that Rocked soundtrack on repeat and weep for my lost university place.
Dress - Vintage (Beyond the Fringe) 

                 Have you realised yet that I whole heartedly believe this to be my better side?

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