Monday, 28 April 2014

 Hello all, how are we? (I will persist with this). I hope you're all still enjoying your exam season and spending your time far much more wisely than I am. 

In today's outfit I have done my favourite thing of buying a dress and then completely ignoring its original purpose and wearing it as a skirt instead. To be honest with you, the top of this dress is very low cut and I would've been quite chilly today. I picked up this shirt when Urban Outfitters were having a fantastic BUY ONE SALE ITEM GET THE OTHER FREE sale. It was very exciting and I ended up getting this shirt free. HAPPY DAYS.

Please ignore my very makeshift dress form in the background. In case you were wondering it's made from a duct tape mould of my body, stuffed with a pillow, shoved on an old light stand. Very technical, requires lots of skill. Feel free to try it at home for equally disappointing results! 

I'm not sure what's going on with my hip here, I think I may have been falling over slightly when I took this, accounting for the odd shape of my legs. 

Dress/skirt -modcloth   Shirt-Urban Outfitters 


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