Monday, 7 April 2014

Not sunny and no scarfs

It wasn't sunny today, which is good because it means I can wear black and not sweat buckets or look out of place among the fields of pastels. YAY FOR BLACK. I love black, I feel so classy.

 And I can spill food on my self when I eat and you can't see it. As I said, classy.

This dress is a super staple in my wardrobe, its a black 60s pencil dress thing and I wear it ALL THE TIME, and it was a bargain. YAAY FOR BLACK DRESS. And it's pretty little being about two sizes too small for me in reality, but you know, I like a challenge when I get dressed in the morning. 

Do you like how the quality of my photos has just gone so far downhill since I have no one but my laptop to take them for me? I also lost my tripod. How does one lose a tripod? I guess if I had known the answer to that I wouldn't have lost it. I'm so philosophical. 

ALSO, keep your eyes peeled, open with cocktail sticks, not closed, because I'm going to have the first of my items up in my etsy store VERY SOON (I need to stop with the capitals, I know). It's become a great form of procrastination for me, setting up an online store midway through revision, yay for good life choices! 

    Dress- Vintage (To be worn again) Fur-H&M

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