Monday, 30 July 2012

After a week gallivanting around Italy this was probably the best parcel I could have had waiting for me in my room. Seriously, who wouldn't start fangirling over a parcel from Paris?! And then there was tissue paper and pretty ribbon and expensive packaging and a guarantee card in it's own teeny little Chloe envelope and cute gold scallop details and oh lord, I think I need to enhale again. 

Thank you to anyone who voted for me in the competition!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

So Friday was my prom (I hate calling it that, don't ask me why). My thoughts towards prom have followed this pattern 
A few months in advance- Oh em geee, I'm so excited get to choose and buy a pretty dress 
A few weeks in advance- Oh my god I'm so scared everyone is going to judge me and my outfit choice 
A few hours in advance- I think I just peed my pants 
Because I go to an all girls school our prom joins with the all boys school which is near by SO I DIDN'T KNOW HALF THE PEOPLE GOING. 

Needless to say this did not stop me at all from throwing some funky shapes and busting some funky moves on the dance floor late into the night. My dancing is so bad you need to see it to believe it. 

I know it's cliché but after slapping on more make up and jazzing up my hair I actually felt a teeny tiny bit like a princess. Albeit one who wears primark jewellery.  

Also, exciting developments not only have I got the job I interviewed for (get in, money at last) I've been selected for the top ten of the Chloe perfume competition so if you could go to this link and vote for Ellie Jane I really would be forever in your debt.
I'll blog properly when I'm back from my holiday in Spain. Hopefully.