Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Why heloooo there,
long time no blog. 

I hope that those who are reading this, the loyal ones, not those flaky ditch you when you've not blogged in two months type, had a lovely Christmas. I certainly did watching my pissed grandmother critique my photography folder. She is likes presentation almost as much as a masterchef judge. 

As I am uncertain what to write I'll give you a summary of my current thoughts and feelings
1) The Hobbit - three hours of excruciating beard envy, followed by three seconds of utter amazement at Benedict Cumberbatch's ability to really master every facet of the role of 'the dragon'

2) I am not Sherlock Holmes. No amount of walking round and picking things up quickly/sit contemplatively with my hands in an arch/squinting like I've smelt something bad then dashing off without explanation will change this

3) I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

A post in which I ramble about page 3, three weeks too late

Hey, hey! Did someone mention there was some argument about page 3 and middle class feminists, why, pray do let me throw my thoughts at this! - Even if it's about three weeks late. 

Okay, I have aligned my paragraphs centre for my aesthetic pleasure, got my toast on my lap and subsequent crumbs irritatingly caught between the laptop keys, thus I shall now begin.

The recent no more page 3 campaign which has taken over my twitter timeline recently, that and tweets which revealed that more people have very strong opinions about people wearing coats on stage than I first thought. The premise of the campaign is to remove the beautiful local lass we are all know and love from her habitual placement on the third page of the nations most read newspaper, The Sun. 

Page 3 is such an ingrained part of a culture apparently we don't notice any more or some have said. I know I noticed it when I was enjoying my toasted teacake in a local cafe the other day, tits and teacake what more could you want on a Thursday afternoon?

The campaign is being spearheaded by those over at No More Page 3 who are basically campaigning for the ultimate removal of 'bare breasts from The Sun'. But obviously we have to take into consideration the fact that this is a campaign being run by 'guardian readers of the middle class', that those who actually read The Sun have more important things to worry about than the objectification of women in the media. What a fair comment to make. I LOVE A STEREOTYPE, ignore me whilst I go discuss this with the women in John Lewis. I myself probably wouldn't be the type of person who people would think possesses a fair opinion or who has a right to pass judgement on the topic, I'm 16 and live in a town with lots of trees and an elderly generation. However, I'm 16 and don't enjoy being told to get my tits out for the lads and have a keyboard and the internet so mwa ha ha, I do what I want. 

Now, I shall throw my own opinion in to the 'boobs aren't news' scrap. Although, it's pretty much equivalent to throwing a bubble into the sea. Which would not work in any way at all, thus why I used that simile.The problem I see is this, the argument for, as mentioned is that The Sun has created an institute, a part of our culture. Which is effectively, sexual gratification with your cheerios. MmmMmm tits with your morning tea. It is not the bare boobs that I find troubling but the fact that all these models have the same wonderfully smooth spheres in the place of breasts. I've actually seen arguments that those for the campaign are 'jealous', women would be jealous of these models because we're all trying to just god damn obtain the wonderfully sanded stomachs and buffed bodies that are paraded in front of us on 3. 

The 'news in breifs' caption, so wittily included in which the model is given a hilarious caption which proves just how stupid the model is because hey, she got her boobs out for us so she must be! These models aren't fools, they know what they're doing and getting themselves into. As a feminists we don't need to try and save them from the doom of making the 'wrong choice'. I don't need to stop their picture being there for them, I would prefer it if it wasn't there because I don't like seeing a woman being raised on a pedestal for wearing little clothes and then being knocked down by the male journalist. I don't want to see that, I don't want to see misogynistic, degrading comments passed off as news. There's no place for it I tell you! 

Another argument is that page 3 is just inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, that it doesn't make much difference if it's there or not. I'm aware there are bigger issues outside of a playful girl wearing pants in a national newspaper but right now, right now I want to chip away at the objectification of women with the heel of my now abandoned stiletto heels whilst simultaneously finishing off the washing because, as a female, I can multi task.  If it's not an issue why oh why are we all getting so het up about it? I don't want to be an adult in an adult world where some men still think putting words in a women's mouth is okay because, nope, I really really don't think it is. 
If it's misogyny, it's an issue. 

Yes this is soft compared to anything you could find with a quick google search but they're not trying to pass themselves off as news. If I hear people say that the removal of boobs is censorship I assume we're talking about the censorship that involves the removal of 'unacceptable' content, last time I found misogynistic comments unacceptable. Can't quiet muster up a last time. The whole paper is usually rife with misogynistic comments but maybe if we attract their attention to the page with the tits on we stand a chance of getting our point across. 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Dress- Snoopers' Paradise 

Sun?! That lovable ball of flame and gas is still out there?! 
Picked up this dress yesterday on a trip to Brighton. I seriously don't think there is anything that makes me happier than Brighton in the sun. 

I pick my results up next week. The countdown of dread has begun and hope everything was hunk dory for all those that picked up their as /a levels. 

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I'm sporting my new 8 euro top bought from a delightfully tacky tourist stall in Venice. I have decided to team this with a midi skirt passed onto me from my mother. I am a definite champion of the midi skirt, despite the name which makes you sound like a fool when you say it.
 'Oh yah, I think I'll go for a midi length because it's perfectly mid way between lengths.' 

Anyway, I champion the midi for a variety of reasons:
1) The paranoia one experiences in a skirt of shorter length is erased. Do not fear about picking up that thing on the floor and flashing those behind you, the midi skirt is here to protect your dignity and cover you in sudden gusts of wind.

2) If ever there was a 'transitional' piece of clothing, this is it. 

3) It is quite probably the most effective deterrent to repel slightly too forthcoming Italian boys. Nothing says 'she's not going to be much of a laugh or proffer the certain things which am seeking' than a girl who wont even get her knees out. Except maybe a pair of socks 'n' sandals and a walking stick. 
Seriously, it really is miraculous. 
As soon as I went out in the evening with my knees out I had to beat them off with ma zimmer frame. 

Skirt- Warehouse

Well it was either that or my face that was deterring them.  

Monday, 30 July 2012

After a week gallivanting around Italy this was probably the best parcel I could have had waiting for me in my room. Seriously, who wouldn't start fangirling over a parcel from Paris?! And then there was tissue paper and pretty ribbon and expensive packaging and a guarantee card in it's own teeny little Chloe envelope and cute gold scallop details and oh lord, I think I need to enhale again. 

Thank you to anyone who voted for me in the competition!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

So Friday was my prom (I hate calling it that, don't ask me why). My thoughts towards prom have followed this pattern 
A few months in advance- Oh em geee, I'm so excited get to choose and buy a pretty dress 
A few weeks in advance- Oh my god I'm so scared everyone is going to judge me and my outfit choice 
A few hours in advance- I think I just peed my pants 
Because I go to an all girls school our prom joins with the all boys school which is near by SO I DIDN'T KNOW HALF THE PEOPLE GOING. 

Needless to say this did not stop me at all from throwing some funky shapes and busting some funky moves on the dance floor late into the night. My dancing is so bad you need to see it to believe it. 

I know it's cliché but after slapping on more make up and jazzing up my hair I actually felt a teeny tiny bit like a princess. Albeit one who wears primark jewellery.  

Also, exciting developments not only have I got the job I interviewed for (get in, money at last) I've been selected for the top ten of the Chloe perfume competition so if you could go to this link and vote for Ellie Jane I really would be forever in your debt.
I'll blog properly when I'm back from my holiday in Spain. Hopefully. 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Etsy Monday?

                                                       Yellow dress                Jacket 

I be selling some items on my new etsy store, something I decided to set up to entertain me over the summer.  So feel free to head on over. 

I've got a job interview today, I'm nervous, so Imma just go practice smiling, reducing the amount of sarcasm I use and controlling my knee-jerk reaction to swear whenever something goes slightly wrong. 
It's looking good?

Friday, 8 June 2012

If you've nothing nice to say

Okay, I'm going to rant now. Feel free to not read this at all, not even to click on the little linky thing that comes up on your dashboard.

It's become a bit of a habit for me to have a quick visit over to the Topshop facebook page of a morning for a little bit of style inspiration. I love a good bit of street style to give me an idea of how I could mix things in my wardrobe up.

Now, I wouldn't recreate some of the looks, I'm not that daring at all, but I admire those who are. However, clearly some people don't agree. Evidently some people were never taught the good old phrase 'If you don't have anything nice to say, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL'.  Hey, I'm not saying I've never come out with  something slightly malicious, although usually it is delivered through heavy sarcasm and I don't usually mean it (looking at you Gemma, ya know I love ya really). But some of these comments are just 'whaaaaat?' worthy.Seriously.
Below are a few of some looks which I found and loved, accompanied by some of their equally lovable comments. 

OH do not even get me started on that sexy comment. OH OH TOO LATE I've started.

Why on EARTH should this girl, have to dress so she is sexually appealing to you? Who are you to say that the way she dresses is wrong, just because you don't find it 'sexy'? Naah, don't dress how you want to, or dress how you want to express yourself, doesn't matter because it all really boils down whether or not your clothes make people want to sleep with you.
 Objectifying that girl's fine. Topshop aren't going to object to it, clearly.

These cases aren't the only ones, I just got bored of print screening. 
Maybe I'm just bitter because, although I am certainly not the most outlandish dresser in the blogosphere, I'm regarded as a bit of a freak-dresser in my relatively small town along with the skinhead, the girl who likes to wear bright clothes and the guy with the vespa. But I hate seeing people just plain ol' dissing others who are clearly being inventive and dressing differently, which is a good thing because we need a bit of variety. Yes, there are positive comments which in theory, weigh out these ones but personally I feel that's kind of irrelevant. People are entitled to their own opinion, but when that person's opinion is just flat out mean, I see no reason why it should be left on the comment page.

On more than one occasion in my home town I've had people openly stare at me as I walk down the street. Although as I was told once it's my own fault for dressing the way I do.
 People have made sarky comments as I walk past (met with my now patented death glare). 
Fashion, and the way we dress, the way I see it, is a representation of us. Clothes allow you to show people what kind of person you are, which according to the girls I encountered the other day defines me as 'grannaaaay'. Our clothes are a continuation of our personality. The way you dress massively affects your confidence, I think. If I think I look nice, I'm instantly more positive. Who are those other people to judge whether my outfit 'works', is in season or conforms to what THEY view as good taste. (I am aware of the fact I moaned about bum cheek showing shorts a few posts down, forgive my hypocritical nature)

I guess the point of this rant is this. I just cannot fathom the fundamental thought process behind these people and, what annoys me more is that the internet now allows these name callers and comment shouters a platform where they can just throw these things around as much as they like. 
If I was writing a proper argument here against mean people and for boundary-pushing dressers I would give you a far more balanced argument and cover all points of view, as I learned to do so for my joyous English GCSE, however I'm bored now, in a way that also reflects my English GCSE exam (Sorry Ms. In the massively unlikely case you find this in some strange parallel universe).

All pictures lovingly borrowed from Topshop. 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dress- vintage  Shoes-uo
French revision consists of sitting painting my nails singing along to French music, give Chante France a listen, whilst sitting in my new favourite 50s dress in the sun. Which I have now ripped after an over enthusiastic leap onto the sofa. Don't be fooled by how pretty these shoes are either, they have left gaping holes in the back of my feet. Delightful. 
Exams start tomorrow, I am deeply in denial. Is it possible to master the French language before 1.30 tomorrow? 
Don't see why not. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Ebay Wednesday

Hello and welcome the second instalment of 'Ebay Wednesday', a fascinating and riveting look and guide into the contents of my eBay shop. What more could a person ask for?   

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I have items on EBAY if ya fancied moseying on over, it would mean a lot, it really would. You know what, I'm going to post pictures of what's on offer so that you can make a verdict NOW whether you fancy something. Because I'm nice like that. 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

When the violent wind blows the wires away

Coat-Miss Selfridge  Dress-Vintage  Shoes-UO
I've taken a break from my French vocab lists, and I'm just putting it out there but was 'hot/sharp cheese' really a necessity? C'est la vie,(see what I did there? God, I'm too funny) needless to say it shall be as useful to me as factorising quadratics and completing the square.
The above picture was taken at a vintage fair that rolled into my home town Easter weekend. I assumed, wrongly, that there wouldn't be a very good turn out owing to the fact that my home turf is overrun with hip boyz in their chinos and coloured hoodies and girls in bum cheek flashing shorts and perfectly straightened hair. 
Not that I'm judgemental/superficial or anything. I'm sure they're just as lovely about me.
But I was wrong and I even managed to make some purchases, a dress and the hat I'm furtively holding onto in the picture which I intend to wear to prom. I don't care if it's 'not a hat occasion' I live on the edge etc.
I'm going to stop rambling now.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We are stars



 Thought I would share with you the pictures which I used for my final photography exam. I'm fairly pleased with them. I'm currently drowning under the waves of revision I have and these photos just remind me of one of those days where everything looked pretty.

I was in Brighton yesterday, (Pfft,what revision?!)  and purchased the most beautiful vintage dress, which I am surprised I fitted into it must be said. Amelia and I spent longer in that shop than was necessary owing to the fact Amelia could not tear herself away from the sobbing woman's conversation with the cashier. I'm sure you shall see this dress of infamy soon, I know, the excitement is killing you, I can sense it through your screen.

I tried to make a outfit video today, but in retrospect it has become clear that I must accept the fact that I am not, and never will be Sofia Coppola, no amount of sitting in the bath, pretty clothes and close ups of seemingly insignificant items will change this. As you can tell, this realisation has left me a state of emotional turmoil. And the fact I just got a paper cut(?) off the plastic cheesecake packaging and the cheesecake was fairly disappointing.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Could it be you're my majesty.

 Dress-Vintage, Cardigan-Primark

10 hour photography exam is fun, fun times. These were taken when I was out taking my final exam pictures, the weather was lovely and so, following the same train of thought as the rest of the country, I whipped out the bare legs. Yes, that is the colour of my legs, I am not wearing white tights, I'm not a tan person.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Things I really, really like right this second:

The mary-janes come in gold, I think I need to purchase some so as to fulfil my dream of gold Cassie Ainsworth shoes.
The flower picture is actually hanging on my wall now, I purchased it when I was visiting Brick Lane in the summer. I would definitely recommend looking at his work.

A nice lazy post from me today.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Love is lovely when you are young

Coat & dress- Miss Selfridge

The elderly ladies and gents on the bus were obviously pretty jealous of my boots the amount they were staring at them, hypnotised by their awesome I should think. Size nine feet in pink DMs, how could they resist such a subtle style statement?

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Now I've got you in the undertow

Top- Topshop Skirt- Car boot sale

I go back to school tomorrow. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

One of the last times I wore this top was on the return 27 hour coach trip back from Austria. My ability to select clothes which are actually suitable for the situation I am in still hasn't improved, it rained straight after I took these. Oh English weather how I love thee.

These photos highlight my rebellious streak perfectly, just look at me daring to sit upon that treacherously high wall like the rebel I am all in order to gain a significantly more aesthetically pleasing shot. I hope you appreciate I risked life and limb.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bedroom Hyms

I have not been swallowed by a whole in the earth. I have not met an untimely end in a grapple with my revision guides. I am alive and kicking.

It's been an age since I was last here and I will get around to sorting this layout out.

The pictures are from a shoot for my yearbook picture. I thought to myself, 'How do I want the other 359 people in my year to remember me when they look back in thirty years time?' It was at some point during the following mental conversation that I decided a top hat was most definitely necessary. Who knows what those 359 people will remember when they see in me in thirty years time but I think that hat speaks volumes. Not sure what, it volumes it is speaking but I am most certain it is very profound. I can guarantee it.