Tuesday, 3 April 2012

We are stars



 Thought I would share with you the pictures which I used for my final photography exam. I'm fairly pleased with them. I'm currently drowning under the waves of revision I have and these photos just remind me of one of those days where everything looked pretty.

I was in Brighton yesterday, (Pfft,what revision?!)  and purchased the most beautiful vintage dress, which I am surprised I fitted into it must be said. Amelia and I spent longer in that shop than was necessary owing to the fact Amelia could not tear herself away from the sobbing woman's conversation with the cashier. I'm sure you shall see this dress of infamy soon, I know, the excitement is killing you, I can sense it through your screen.

I tried to make a outfit video today, but in retrospect it has become clear that I must accept the fact that I am not, and never will be Sofia Coppola, no amount of sitting in the bath, pretty clothes and close ups of seemingly insignificant items will change this. As you can tell, this realisation has left me a state of emotional turmoil. And the fact I just got a paper cut(?) off the plastic cheesecake packaging and the cheesecake was fairly disappointing.

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Alice said...

these photographs are lovely :)