Tuesday, 22 July 2014

You look a bit pale? Are you feeling okay?

I'm going to mix it up YET AGAIN, god I'm so crazy! 
It kind of hit me the other day, when I was taking the photos for my 'Bardot' post, how strange it is that I'm always forcing my face on you but you never see what I actually look like. As you probably guess front the subtle header I would 100% call myself a feminist and my love of make up is one thing which my friends and people in general seem insistent on calling me out on, because you cannot be a feminist in make up apparently. The above are just a couple of the comments I get when I don't wear make up, they never cease to make me laugh. GUYS, THIS IS WHAT I ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE.

When I originally started plastering my face in natural collection foundation and concealer I was probably about the tender age of 13, a terrifying time for anyone. When I was wearing foundation then it was utterly and completely a way to hide myself, quite literally behind a wall of make up. I used it as a way to try and look like the perfect, plastic person I thought everyone expected me to be, obviously this never really worked, but I gave it a good shot.

I completely can understand the train of thought that goes, make up is to make you more physically appealing, you are pandering to the wants of men, THAT'S not very feminist of you. But can you blame people for wearing make up for that exact reason though? When we are told that is pretty much our primary purpose, it doesn't seem too radical a reaction, when our value is so attributed to our physical appearance.  In fact, make up is one thing which woman can use to shape their own identity, and it can also be pretty fun. When I started sixth form two years ago I got on overriding response from boys, and girls, about my make up. It was too severe, my eyeliner was too much and my eyebrows and red lipstick were too intimidating. This was brilliant news, seeing as that was the exact look I was going for.

My make is not a mask anymore, I'm far more comfortable now in who I am, both as a person and in my bare facedness, than I was at 13.  I can go out with no make up on now, I never used to be able to, but I can because I realise there is my face which is great the way it is, and then there are my make up faces. My make up is to me what my clothing is, it is a way to further express myself, it's all part of the fun I have creating a 'look'. Why not use the blank, acne-splattered canvas you were given to do just that? If I want to look 'severe' I will, because I do this to please me and no one else. I cannot speak for every MAC lover, but these are my feelings, so IRL people, stop hounding me. Jees.

I did have clothes on... it just really doesn't look like it, but you're going to have to trust me on this one  

Monday, 21 July 2014

Everything's rosy

     Dress- homemade

Here is the first of my sewing projects from this summer! I've had no idea what to do with all my free 
time, its been a total shock to the system. I almost miss the library because of this my sewing has just gone into overdrive trying to pass the time in a semi-productive way. Usually I'm far too much of a perfectionist to ever wear out the things I make, but I'm quite happy with this cheeky little number, so wearing it out today was awesome.

I also need more blogs to read to fill my time so if you're reading this leave a your link in the comments below! 

I still have items on ebay, take a look! 

Hiddy Hi

    Shirt- To Be Worn Again kilo sale     Trousers-eBay

I went strawberry picking the other day! Well, I say I went strawberry picking, the farm was shut so we went to the pub instead, but I think I was dressed very suitably for the occasion, a kind of farmer girl from Southern America is what I seem to have gone for.

This was a total bargain outfit as well, the shirt is from the kilo sale and weighs I'd say about nothing, so cost me a few pounds. My trousers were a panic buy from ebay and have actually come in super handy, owning jeans is so much fun! I'm not a big trouser person but I have been swayed by practicality.

I hope everyone is enjoying the crazy sun! I'm going to get back to my pile of sewing projects, I may show you a few, if you're very lucky.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Bardot though?

Top- H&M   Trousers- Charity shop (Cancer research, I believe) Being to lazy to align pictures in photoshop or take pictures outside on a tripod- model's own lazy. 

Today was my attempt at being Bardot, I tried, I failed, but I still quite enjoyed this outfit. The trousers I picked up for a fiver in the charity shop and lopped some of the length off. I'm becoming a bit of a trouser fan. PLOT TWIST. I think it's the luxury of pockets. THEY'RE SO HANDY?!

You know those times you're just being too much of a poser, so you have to counteract it with a picture of you posing with a biscuit? This is one of those times.  I look JUST like a confused duck. Enjoy it, savour it.

This top was actually one of my many spontaneous sewing projects, which are basically things I have been meaning to do ALL YEAR but just haven't got round to. I've wanted a top with a Bardot neckline since I was a zygote and since I have only £2 in my bank and 50p in my purse, I had to improvise. 

This baggy top high-necked top has been hanging around my wardrobe since I panic bought it before the Arctic Monkeys concert earlier this year. 'AHHH IT'S GOING TO BE SWEATY AND I'M GOING TO WANT TO MOSH. I CAN'T DO THAT IN A 50s PARTY DRESS. BLACK TOP. BLACK TOP IS A SOLID CHOICE.', is how the panic went in my head. After that gig I have never worn it again. UNTIL NOW. 

Friday, 18 July 2014


Something a little different today...
So as you'll know I've been sitting my A Level exams, and have finished now. Obviously. At the start of the month I got back from my end of exams holiday to Zante, and it was AMAZING. 
Seriously, to anyone planning to go on a similar 'kind' of holiday, I could not encourage you to go more! I had THE best time ever and it was a most perfect week, partying, exploring, sleeping and eating, the most fantastic contrast to the stress of exam season, which for me only ended two days before we flew out! 

The 'strip' itself is everything you would expect it to be, full of drunken teenagers having an amazing time. However, what I didn't expect was the atmosphere that there was. What I had been lead to expect was to be constantly on edge you know? Expecting the next person to either vom on me or try to punch me. That totally wasn't it. While most people would see all these drunken teenagers as a TOTAL nightmare, everyone is just out there for the same reason, to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Because of this you go out and make so many drunken friends, always the best kind of friend.  There weren't even that many people throwing up in the street. Which was nice !

Away from the strip Zante is stunningly beautiful, more so than I expected, making a nice contrast to how you can spend your days and your nights. We opted to spend a bit more and stay in a nicer hotel, which I would totally recommend, a lot of our drunken friends who had gone for the hotels which were cheaper (our first choice had been the $10 a night one) said it was a nightmare trying to get those good two, solid hours of sleep when every room is a party room. The staff in our hotel were lovely, and we got upgraded to all-inclusive because of a problem with our room. I have never, ever, eaten so much. Which was so fantastic when you wake up hungover and there is just food. So much food. 

I had an amazing time, and am now going to force everyone go and do the same so I can live vicariously through them.