Tuesday, 22 July 2014

You look a bit pale? Are you feeling okay?

I'm going to mix it up YET AGAIN, god I'm so crazy! 
It kind of hit me the other day, when I was taking the photos for my 'Bardot' post, how strange it is that I'm always forcing my face on you but you never see what I actually look like. As you probably guess front the subtle header I would 100% call myself a feminist and my love of make up is one thing which my friends and people in general seem insistent on calling me out on, because you cannot be a feminist in make up apparently. The above are just a couple of the comments I get when I don't wear make up, they never cease to make me laugh. GUYS, THIS IS WHAT I ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE.

When I originally started plastering my face in natural collection foundation and concealer I was probably about the tender age of 13, a terrifying time for anyone. When I was wearing foundation then it was utterly and completely a way to hide myself, quite literally behind a wall of make up. I used it as a way to try and look like the perfect, plastic person I thought everyone expected me to be, obviously this never really worked, but I gave it a good shot.

I completely can understand the train of thought that goes, make up is to make you more physically appealing, you are pandering to the wants of men, THAT'S not very feminist of you. But can you blame people for wearing make up for that exact reason though? When we are told that is pretty much our primary purpose, it doesn't seem too radical a reaction, when our value is so attributed to our physical appearance.  In fact, make up is one thing which woman can use to shape their own identity, and it can also be pretty fun. When I started sixth form two years ago I got on overriding response from boys, and girls, about my make up. It was too severe, my eyeliner was too much and my eyebrows and red lipstick were too intimidating. This was brilliant news, seeing as that was the exact look I was going for.

My make is not a mask anymore, I'm far more comfortable now in who I am, both as a person and in my bare facedness, than I was at 13.  I can go out with no make up on now, I never used to be able to, but I can because I realise there is my face which is great the way it is, and then there are my make up faces. My make up is to me what my clothing is, it is a way to further express myself, it's all part of the fun I have creating a 'look'. Why not use the blank, acne-splattered canvas you were given to do just that? If I want to look 'severe' I will, because I do this to please me and no one else. I cannot speak for every MAC lover, but these are my feelings, so IRL people, stop hounding me. Jees.

I did have clothes on... it just really doesn't look like it, but you're going to have to trust me on this one  

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