Monday, 21 July 2014

Hiddy Hi

    Shirt- To Be Worn Again kilo sale     Trousers-eBay

I went strawberry picking the other day! Well, I say I went strawberry picking, the farm was shut so we went to the pub instead, but I think I was dressed very suitably for the occasion, a kind of farmer girl from Southern America is what I seem to have gone for.

This was a total bargain outfit as well, the shirt is from the kilo sale and weighs I'd say about nothing, so cost me a few pounds. My trousers were a panic buy from ebay and have actually come in super handy, owning jeans is so much fun! I'm not a big trouser person but I have been swayed by practicality.

I hope everyone is enjoying the crazy sun! I'm going to get back to my pile of sewing projects, I may show you a few, if you're very lucky.

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Lola Byatt said...

I've ALWAYS wanted to go strawberry picking, your outfit looks perrrfect for it, loved the checked shirt xx