Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I'm sporting my new 8 euro top bought from a delightfully tacky tourist stall in Venice. I have decided to team this with a midi skirt passed onto me from my mother. I am a definite champion of the midi skirt, despite the name which makes you sound like a fool when you say it.
 'Oh yah, I think I'll go for a midi length because it's perfectly mid way between lengths.' 

Anyway, I champion the midi for a variety of reasons:
1) The paranoia one experiences in a skirt of shorter length is erased. Do not fear about picking up that thing on the floor and flashing those behind you, the midi skirt is here to protect your dignity and cover you in sudden gusts of wind.

2) If ever there was a 'transitional' piece of clothing, this is it. 

3) It is quite probably the most effective deterrent to repel slightly too forthcoming Italian boys. Nothing says 'she's not going to be much of a laugh or proffer the certain things which am seeking' than a girl who wont even get her knees out. Except maybe a pair of socks 'n' sandals and a walking stick. 
Seriously, it really is miraculous. 
As soon as I went out in the evening with my knees out I had to beat them off with ma zimmer frame. 

Skirt- Warehouse

Well it was either that or my face that was deterring them.  

2 Whispered words:

Aimee said...

I love this outfit, the colour of the skirt is gorgeous xx

Rosalind said...

I'm definitely aware of choosing longer skirts in certain situations. Venice is on my 'want to go there' list. How long were you there for?