Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Fall head first like paper planes in playground games

The sun's realised that it is in fact meant to be summer and decided to come out, but I'm stuck inside at school or revising. I'm only 14 and I'm already tired of being a teenager, it's just so stressful, people and their opinions on a variety of subjects, oh well. On the bright side only four weeks left of school. In the past three days I have also developed a list making obsession. Don't ask.

Thought I would share with you the moodboard for the photo shoot that I'm trying to convince my friends to humour me with. The pictures are from all over the place, I would tell you who's is who's but I really don't remember. I just know that two are good ol' Florence without that machine.

I also have an odd sense that I am missing something mixed in with a feeling of foreboding.

p.s. get well soon Lanta, come back and save me from the madness!

4 Whispered words:

rebecca said...

Oh God, I make lists all the time. I think it makes me feel a bit... safer? More in control?
And the summer holidays will help (: Just a bit of relaxation - and sleep!

Elliejane.x said...

I know just what you mean about the lists! I thought it was just me being a bit.. odd hahah

kavita@iheartvintagex said...

Don't be stressed about being a teenager, ENJOY IT! Although when I was 14 I remember it being abit pants haha but just enjoy it :) xxx

AtlantaCobb said...

i'll be back before you know it ells!
you and your strange list making, hahah blog about your camera already!