Monday, 14 June 2010

And so the hat fell in love with the plant...

I've returned from my trip to Spain. No, I am not tanned, as I have been told by many a person. Seriously though I go for one week and everything happens? Oh well cest la vie. I made a few purchases in Espanol, large straw bag for school usage, I have doubts as to how long it will last. Dress from oysho I think, google it and far too many bracelets an obsession I'm going to have to seek treatment for.

I spent the Saturday and Sunday of my return with the gang.

dress- oysho £21.00

Sunday evening I went over to my nan's for Sunday dinner and she gave me a a box saying that is was full of things she didn't want and would I like them. So here are my finds from the box

When anyone else tried to upload a picture does it all come up in code or is that just me? It's really a little annoying hhaha

4 Whispered words:

joninel said...

lovely pic...

Jazzabelle said...

wow, the things your nan gave you are just so lovely. espcially the two in the first picture! :)

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Georgia said...

Aggh aligning is my picture issue. They just won't. Crazy indents everywhere.. Anyway, I love the cameo style brooch. I had a ring one, but it broke. I was majorly gutted.
It would be mine

sugarplum said...


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