Thursday, 3 June 2010

I did not choose him, he did not choose me

So after the disruption of my account hacking. The weather's been lovely here in England. I know I talk about the weather too much in these posts but it dictates what the rest of my day will be like, sun= going out, rain=staying in being bored.

Wednesday I went to Brighton with Atlanta, we did get lost yes. I now know my way road Brighton like the back of my hand, I've walked through the whole city at least twice. In the end we found our way to the vintage shops, I could spend hours in those places. I nearly purchased some Levi cut offs but a woman grabbed the pair I was about to get seconds before me. I hate her. So in the end I left with nothing but some fudge. It WAS good fudge.

Today, off to the beach with Atlanta again for an random photo shoot in the sun. Like you do.

Grey top-Topshop, £18, Shorts-H&M £14, Sunglasses-Boots. Yes Boots.

I'm off to Spain on Saturday, I doubt we have internet in the villa and I'm going to be attempting to get a tan anyway. I say that I'll come back like a red lobster. So there won't be posts for a while. I'll write as soon as I can or as soon as something blog-worthy happens.

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