Sunday, 8 August 2010

Lonely robot in a wasteland

Thank you for all the comments on the photos in the last post, I think we may be going back soon to take some more. So watch this space!
I went to Camden market today with my family, it's the first time I've been but I loved and am going back on Tuesday with Lanta. I didn't buy much mainly because I'm saving for vintage festival which is on Saturday but I did get two necklaces as I've been wanting some longer ones for a while. Below is what I wore and below that are the two necklaces which I purchased

Dress- warehouse, socks- jack wills

2 Whispered words:

olivia grace said...

I love the necklaces!

Portraying Taylor said...

oh those are soo cute ! i have a couple really cute ones i love and i just bought a new one with a owl on it ![: vintage festival sounds fun !! check me out !