Thursday, 5 August 2010

Johanna drove slowly into the city

I'm approaching the end of my second week of summer now, the weathers been trying to trick me, it will start cloudy and then by the end of the day be absolutely boiling.
Yesterday I went to where my mum works with my friends, Lanta, Chloe and Lucy so that we could take some pictures and the such. So prepare for a photo heavy post. I'm not particularly happy about the layout of the post here but my computer is being a pain, sorry.

These pictures taken by me, in my head they kind of a tell a bit of a story but I don't know if anyone else will pick up on my train of thought haha.

Below is a small selection of pictures taken by Lanta of me, I know I look a bit scary but I quite like it, I don't know why. They came up a little small but as I said the computer is being a pain, sorry. I guess you could always click on them to enlarge them.

I'll blog soon, I want to but it's just finding something to blog about!

5 Whispered words:

Anonymous said...

wow, these photos are beyond beautiful. i did capture a story i guess - it's probably different to the one of yours, but the pictures did mean something to me! you look lovely.. i think the facepaint encapculates your outfit and "the story" the landscape is wonderful - the little boat, my oh my, it really makes me want to go in one even if i'm in my pjs right this minute. your friends and yourself are so beautiful. as always, i love your posts. have a nice evening!
izzzzzzzzzy xo

Jazzabelle said...

the first photograph is just so mesmerizing, great shots.

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Indigo said...

i love these photos! they are beautiful! X

Gracie said...

I love these photos, they're fantastic! The light is just great and I love the outfits and setting

Calamity Jem said...