Sunday, 22 August 2010

She takes the night bus

Another short post today, I'm meant to be packing for my trip to Wales with friends, which I'm leaving for tomorrow morning. Turns out I'm sat here and watching young, dumb and living off mum with all my packing just on my floor. Yesterday my good friend Amelia came round, underneath are some pictures from our random dancing to Florence and the machine. Just thinking if I have anything else interesting to write about... no nothing ha. Oh this is what I've been listening to the past days. So I will see you all soon, I think I'm going to miss my little blog!

2 Whispered words:

claire (jazzpad.) said...

Thankyou for your darling comments on the interview with Jazzabelle darl jazzy ♥

Anna said...

i love florence :) gorgeous happy pictures.