Monday, 30 August 2010

I built a man made out of bricks

I'm back from Wales and Devon. I had a lovely time of course. When I went to Devon I visited my three younger cousins, one who is named Evie decided that she wanted to dress up like me so we both went into the nearest large town. Me wearing a pink chiffon dress, denim jacket, spotty tights and boots, Evie wore pink floral dress, denim jackets and stripy tights. I'll see if I can find a picture somewhere!

In other news, I have bought a new dress and blouse from h&m. I have only three days left until it is officially the end of my summer holidays. My summers been okay, ruined a bit by the weather, it's been rubbish, it should be sunny whereas it's been dull and grey. I've been to Camden, somewhere I never visited until now. I've been to Brighton several times and I got to go to vintage festival.

So for now I'm going to leave you with some photography inspiration

3 Whispered words:

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picturess. & my summer holidays havent been that exciting either :P

kirstyb said...

lovely pics xxx

Instant Flowers said...

btw, I really like your header :)