Thursday, 15 July 2010

Waiting with the wind against your face

Just a short post today as nothing much has happened to me between yesterday and today. I would just like to say thank you to Isabel from Taste the rainbow for lovely comment on Here , it really made me happy, it was so lovely thank you.
Does anybody know where I can get some spotty tights, I know I'm a bit late with jumping on this bandwagon, I can't find any. I saw some people on lookbook with some (add a lookbook invite to my list of wants haha) and some of my favourite bloggers with some and I'm deeply in love with them .
This post is a little random but I was trying to decide what to wear on Saturday and this was one of the options so I thought I'd show you.

Top-topshop £20,, Skirt-Primark £5

3 Whispered words:

Steph said...

lovely outfit:)
I got some spotty tights from Primark for £2 the other day, although they rip very easy.. beware!

Spence. said...

Sweet outfit :)
Topshop have some heart print ones for £8 and they last a little longer, but you could get four pairs of the primark ones for that price.
I think H&M might also sell the dotty ones, New Look too - but they rip waaaay to easily "/

(p.s. i love the union jack buntin in your room - t'is amazing ;)

soph (owl vs. dove) said...

This is a wonderful outfit. That blouse looks so comfortable.