Wednesday, 14 July 2010

This song you sing gives me vertigo

The rain has descended upon us. I was sat just enjoying a quiet muffin (has anyone tried the new costa muffins? Delicious) in front of the cathedral with my friend Molly when it hit, luckily for me I had my beautiful accesorize umbrella but my uniform was kinda soaked so I changed into my jumper from Beyond Retro when I got home so thought I'd snap you some shots!

Jumper-Beyond Retro, Shorts-H&M

This is my watch I made myself with some old velvet which was on my hand mirror, unfortunately some of it has few marks on it but I think there may be a haberdashery in a village a few minutes away that might have some more. Hopefully.

Finally, this is the birdcage my mum got me from a garden show she went to this week its pictured in the second shot above, that wasn't just me being really odd. Currently it's filled with sweet peas and fairy lights and looks lovely on my bookshelf.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, it seems to be going particularly slowly for me but its Wednesday today which is halfway through the school week so I'm halfway there!

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Anonymous said...

Oh golly, first of all.. I love your blog - I'm not too sure if I've stated this already to you as I think I've just left you small comments? But that's because I never really had time on blogging as I followed too many blogs but now I've reduced it and I know I complain that my followers drop but I do appreciate if people aren't liking my typography they don't have to read it, you know? It's their personal decision.. but, woah - I love your blog! Seriously.. and you seem like such a lovely person and your room is my idea of heaven and I've wanted a birdcage for my room now for a while! And a bunting - I think I'm buying on this week! & some fairy lights.. and vintage perfume bottles but as you see, your room is my idea of perfect.. cluttered, girly, vintage rooms such as yours.. my oh my. And don't even get started on your clothes - deary, you have beautiful clothes. I just want to say your blog is amazing and keep going with it, persevere! I hope this made you happy because you're such a lovely person. Anyways, the whole point of this is to say of course, I love your clothes etc but to say expect a lot more comments because I'm going to start appreciating the blogs I follow! Plus, if you follow my blog - expect changes! I'm going to revamp the whole main page.. and the posts, comments, etc etc! And expect a giveaway.. I'm sure if you enter of whatever it is, you'll do brilliantly as I LOVE your style! Your life sounds so brilliant. I need to live a little, haha. Have a lovely evening! Much love,
Izzy -

AtlantaCobb said...

ellie, we need that birdcage for my next music video :|

Gracie said...

Hahaha, cute photos. I love your hair!


really cute watch