Sunday, 11 July 2010

Made of ivy and gold

Today was my grandma's 65th birthday so we went off to my aunts for a barbeque. Only two more weeks of school left, but seeing as I like to be overly optimistic and don't count the week that we're on it's technically only one week! After that there's six weeks of summer stretching out before me.

I am now the happiest person ever, just as I finished typing that sentence my mother handed me a brand new tripod which she found in our loft! It still had the packaging on it and everything. That's made my day. Below is what I wore today and some pictures that I found on my computer which I took a few weeks ago that I wanted to share.

Dress- topshop, Hat- Primark

4 Whispered words:

Indigo said...

ooo lovely dress!! I soo need a tripod! XX

Lucia said...

i love your dress!
You have such geart style and taste in music, i swear you've stolen my ipod and put all the songs as your post titles. ^_^
I found your blog on the sugar Am I stylish competition, and how old are you? because we're really alike ;)

Ellie jane said...

Thank you for the lovely comemnts. Lucia I'm 14, yourself :)

Lucia said...

thirteen :)