Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Your swords grown old and rusty

Hot and sunny again, I wasn't made for heat, I had to come inside because it was too hot. Typical. My aunty was down so we went bowling, I was awful. I scored zero five goes in a row, it was shameful. After that we went to the big house were my mum works to have a picnic and I also went for a little walk and to take some pictures.

Today's outfit is pretty similar to yesterday but I was having a melt down and couldn't decide what to wear haha

Top-h&m, shorts- levi's ebay

I really want to receive letters, I never get anything in the post. I love the idea of getting home and finding a little envelope just for you, something that someone put some effort into. Not just these silly virtual things we have nowadays haha.

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2 Whispered words:

Anonymous said...

me too, i'd love to receive letters! i love the idea of brown paper and string.. i've asked my mum to wrap my christmas presents in brown paper! hopefully she'll remember! you look lovely. i always have melt downs but i usually sort out a couple of items from my wardrobe that i don't particularly wear and maybe invest in a couple of new pieces? it always helps. have a nice evening. your blog posts make me so happy.

Meggstatus said...

Picnics are always tons of fun, although I can see where the heat would put a little damper on things. Bowling was a great choice to beat the heat. I am an absolutely horrid bowler also but I look pretty bad ass while doing it because I received gold bowling shoes a couple Christmases ago from my extremely eccentric uncle. Which is all that really matters right?