Monday, 5 July 2010

Daydreamer with eyes that make you melt

Evening. Thought I would show you my dress I purchased in topshop yesterday for a mere £10, I considered buying it when it first came into stores around my birthday but didn't and have wanted it ever since but when I found it for a tenner I couldn't contain myself after a slightly heated race for it with some of person, it's finally mine thanks to my quick snatching skills. Something that never fails to come in handy in the sales.

6 Whispered words:

Constance said...

The dress is soooo lovely!

danniekate said...

you look lovely, love the motion shot!

Jazzabelle said...

the dress looks beautiul on you, what a bargain! you look so pretty. i adore your hair like this, i wish i could have a fringe like yours. love the spinning shots, they are the best, aren't they? :)

love, jazzabelle. xxx

Fashionista- I am your fashion mannequin said...

lovely & flirty dress!


AtlantaCobb said...

oooh working the full fringe there i see matey X

Georgia said...

Ahh I still haven't had time to check out the Topshop sale! And I fear I may be too late.. :(
It would be mine
And I love your black chandlier. I've always wanted one, but never got round to it..