Tuesday, 21 December 2010

You're such a smiling sweetheart

So an awesome package came for me in the post today! Yep, the jumper I won from the lovely Rebecca of it's cohen. It is so comfy and warm which is good, because I'm in serious need of something warm in these treacherous conditions of 'the big freeze' ha. Also it has reindeer and snowflakes on it, can you get any more festive?! So once again thanks to Rebecca!
Got a bit overexcited about the jumper ha

4 Whispered words:

heartshapedbruise. said...

Can totally see why you're excited by this - what an amazingly festive jumper!

I'm trying to convince my Mum that my life simply won't be complete without a 'Christmas jumper' of some sort, but she blatantly thinks I'm taking the mick..

Anyway, love this - even though I am jealous :)


Rebecca said...

Lucky you! I entered aswell I love Rebecca and her blog it was such a great giveaway. The jumper looks great ♥ x


Lan said...

oh, thats a nice jumper you got there mate, i recognize it slightly? hmm


aaah yes.

rebecca said...

aww, i'm glad you like it! and it's so festive, i don't see how you can't get overexcited about it (: xo