Saturday, 18 December 2010

Hey everyone (I seem incapable of starting a post without saying that). So it snowed here today but it wasn't very thick and really quickly turned to slush, which was depressing as I was going to go out and take photos in it. I'm currently panicking because I was meant to hand in my photography course work on Friday, I forgot. Never mind, I was going to fail anyway.

Please enjoy a picture of my Christmas tree. This turned up yesterday, my mum had ordered it and wouldn't tell anyone what it looked like. It's an upside down Christmas tree, obviously. Liking to be a bit different runs in the family it seems ha! It's grown on me though hah. Below is THE charity shop skirt, it was stuck in the corner of the shop and I saw some of the floaty material (I'm no good with knowing what type of material things are) and I'm a sucker for anything floaty so I couldn't help myself, it was only £4.75. I couldn't resist some twirling pictures in it haha, I plan to use it in some of my photography because I think the movement it creates is just awesome.

(Please ignore my 'I'm trying really hard to not fall over' face)

And the final piece of this unusually long post is what I wore today, this looks a lot more manly (is androgynous the word?) than my usual style but it's quite nice to dress like a cross between my grandad and a librarian once in a while!

Shirt- topshop, Jumper- Beyond retro, Trousers- Topshop
In retrospect I could have done all this in different posts but I'm no good at planning like that ha. I might do a vlog as I've seen some on other blogs and they were really interesting to watch. Massive post over. ha.

5 Whispered words:

Rebecca said...

Lovely skirt! ♥ x

Connie T said...

I'm new to blogging but came across yours and love it!
Funky tree, beats my boring one haha

Clara said...

lovely blog!

Louder than Silence said...

Aww I LOVE your upisde down tree- genius! And that skirt is just devine. Sally x


That tree is crazy! It just made my day! Have a good christmas!