Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Whisper like it's a secret

Hey everyone, a post in the middle of the week, that's a novelty for you! Just wanted to jump on the bandwagon of showing you the kind of thing I'm hoping for for christmas (obviously not the ysl ring and Harvey Nichols dress ha). Please excuse my poor execution of these items, polyvore isn't one of my strong points ha. The tights are from Tabio
which I discovered on Streetstyle london and instantly fell in love with these star tights, they're pretty cool if you ask me. If I can I might even go as far as placing an order ha!

Sometime in this week I'll share the pictures of the awesome skirt I found in Winchester on Saturday, I'm completely enamoured with it ha. Just a brief post, what with it being a school night and all!

6 Whispered words:

Cecilia said...

Cute finds.
Btw, love the name of your blog ;)

rebecca said...

eee, excitng news (i hope!) - you've won my giveaway! congratulations, well done, etcetc. could you email me your address please, and i'll try and get it sent off tomorrow (fingers crossed it'll get to you before christmas)
well done, lovely (: xo

rebecca said...

i'm an idiot, my email address is rebecca.cohen@hotmail.co.uk

--Sanam-- said...

Haha same here, im useless at using Polyvore :) & great stuff, i love that dress especially. Good luck getting it for xmas :D

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Day By Diva

Spence. said...

Sweet wishlist - I love that topshop embellished peter pan collar dress.

accessoryqueen:) said...

Aww, I love the dress. It's gorgeous :)
Lovely blog!
Nat xoxo
following you. hopefully you'll follow back?