Sunday, 5 December 2010

His delusions find their way inside your head

Hello, how is everyone? It was unbelievably snowy here up until yesterday when I woke up it had just suddenly gone, so that was the end of that! I haven't really done anything over the past four days that I haven't been at school, I've perfect my sledging technique, decided that the Yule logs at costa are a little dry and I've just finished reading to kill a mocking bird. Only two snow photos, think yourself lucky!

This is what I wore yesterday to go watch harry potter about two weeks later than the rest of the world, I love a bit of harry potter. Not sure of this outfit works or not but I love this shirt and I love this skirt so I thought you know what, lets wear them together. I'll put the pictures that I took in the carpark with lan up soon, so look out for that, and I'll see if I can find anything else blogworthy ha.
Top, h&m Skirt, made by me

3 Whispered words:

Lauren said...

your outfit is adorable! love the floral skirt.

olivia grace said...

this is such a lovely outfit!

Rebecca said...

Lovely skirt ♥ x