Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Elephant gun

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and got everything they wanted! I got some awesome presents that I love, including a Diana camera that I have been wanting for forever!

Here's the outfit I wore today to my friend Emilie's, the top I got yesterday during my trip to Brighton to browse the sales. Sorry I did try to take proper outfit photo's but the light was too bad and then the tripod broke and it all just went wrong haha. I actually love this top, it doesn't really look it but it's made of chiffony material (one of my favourites!) and it goes with everything, which a rarity in my wardrobe because I'm awful, I just buy something because I love it and don't think about if I actually have anything to wear it with, something I'm going to try and work on next year ha.

Top- Topshop, Lace skirt-Primark

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Melody said...

cool :) I like it!