Sunday, 12 December 2010

Below is what I wore yesterday to go do a little Christmas shopping with the family and my good friend Amelia. I'm currently watching Elf, quite possibly one of my favourite films EVER. Yesterday in Winchester I managed to track down an elusive vintage store that I saw a sign for then walked around for AGES trying to find. I also found the most awesome skirt in a charity shop that will feature on here soon I'm sure!

Dress- Zara, Blazer- Zara, Cardigan under blazer- Zara. Someone liked Zara that day didn't they!

The above outfit just might have been inspired by the below outfit worn by Florence of Florence and the machine. Okay maybe quite heavily inspired haha!
Only a week left of school till the Christmas festivities, yay!

4 Whispered words:

olivia grace said...

such a lovely outfit, i love the use of inspiration aswell :D xx

Anonymous said...

your outfit is lovely and that picture of florence is bloody great! i can't wait for the holidays, i wish this school week would hurry up! i feel so stressed over my room being in such a state, my homework not being done and my christmas presents not sorted out!
much love,
izzy xx

Roz said...

Very nice use of Zara here! That dress has a slight vintage feel to it, as does the blazer. And i like the inspiration behind it..
Thank you for your thoughtful comment - I especially appreciated the bit about posting non-fashion related things. I'm very interested in politics and current affairs too, and I felt so strongly about the fees rise that i had to post about it. Fashion is a big part of my life, but I like to represent and talk about my other interests too!

Jazzabelle said...

beautiful dress, i love the way you have layered the jumper with the blazer! you look lovely. i adore your hair like that too! i'd love a fringe like yours, but due to my frizzy hair and face shape that shall never happen, hehe. xx