Monday, 26 May 2014

Strawberry tea

Hey guys! It was my leaver's tea the other day. Basically, all those year 13s who are leaving, get together dressed all fancy and have some fancy afternoon tea, know like the kind of tea with tiny sandwiches, small pastries and scones on a tiered sandwich-turret-stand. I ate a lot because everything was so small, not one sandwich or scone remained on our table. 

My dress was from Modcloth, and I am totally enamoured with it. We won't talk about the hideous postage costs of the hideous custom charges, we will ignore those things, because it is a lovely and perfect dress.  I'm also going to be very honest with you here. I have been watching a lot of Gossip Girl recently, which you will most certainly know if you follow me on twitter, I may have worn a headband in an attempt to be Blair Waldorf. I would be embarrassed, but I'm not. She's awesome. 

                           Someone clearly didn't get the memo about the pastel colour scheme...

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