Sunday, 18 May 2014


This outfit was very pink. I looked like a 1950s marshmallow, and I loved it. I did look a little like I was in fancy dress on my way to Grease party, but who the hell cars?! Not I! 

You will be pleased to know that after taking the second photo I realised that my scarf looked like a neck brace and made it slightly less thick, although I imagine it won't be long until neck brace chic becomes a thing alongside other magazine favourites such as 'sport-luxe' *scoffs*. IT'S JUST OVER PRICED JOGGING BOTTOMS AND IMPRACTICAL TRAINERS, WHAT COULD MAKE IT WORSE?!

                               Scarf- grandmothers     Jumper- Zara    Skirt-Primark (I'm sorry, I caved)

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