Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Check that

Love me a 1950s checked number, nothing better. Picked up this little number at the kilo sale. Whose kilo sale I hear you say. TO BE WORN AGAIN'S OF COURSE, WHO ELSE?! I also paired it with a petticoat from Snooper's Paradise which is extraordinarily heavy. I have now had to take it off because it was actually hurting me. I had to weigh up what was more important to me, comfort or swooshyness. Swooshyness won for the majority of the day. 
This dress was meant to be going in the etsy shop, but some how it ended up on me? No, I don't know how it happened either. BUT there will be new items in the shops this weekend, SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED LIKE AN ORANGE. What a beautiful simile. 

    Dress - TO BE WORN AGAIN

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