Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Staple Pencil

 It took me four months of dilly-dallying before I stopped being a tight arse and actually bought this skirt from Vivien of Holloway and it has quickly become a very staple item. I mean it would, wouldn't it? It's not like a plain black pencil skirt is a crazy item which you only dare venture out in on rare occasions. Anyway, what's even better is that it's handmade in the UK AND you can buy all their skirts via waist size, WHICH IS GREAT, because my waist can be an 8 in some places and 12 in others, AND IT DOES MY HEAD IN. STOP PLAYING WITH ME SHOPS, I NEED SOME STABILITY IN MY LIFE, NOT EVEN MY DRESS SIZE IS CONSTANT NOWADAYS.

okay breathe. My exams are going GREAT, if you were wondering. 

Yep, that's a rejected bra hanging over my sewing machine. 
                                    shirt- Primark (sorry)  jumper-Zara  skirt-Vivene of Holloway

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