Sunday, 10 October 2010

Are you hurting the one you love?

Hello all, I haven't updated in a while, mainly because nothing has happened to me and now the computer is throwing a fit about importing my pictures that I took on Saturday. Not a lot has happened to me, I had a great weekend last week, me and Lan somehow ended up on our own in town so we decided to go to poundland (new favourite shop) and buy disposable cameras and run around taking pictures in the rain. THIS week I went round my good friend Chloe's, went walking looking for some woods she thought were by her house which weren't actually there any more but took some pictures all the same and today I went on ANOTHER bike ride, this time with Lucy and Chloe. If I keep this bike riding up I'm going to have leg muscles of stone! Below are some of my pictures I took with Chloe, I'm still trying to figure out editing and things so these are just straight from my camera but enjoy!

The picture below is what I was wearing Saturday, my newly altered dress which I'm currently in love with and the obligatory boots which I don't think have left my feet since I bought them in February.

4 Whispered words:

Rebecca said...

Beautiful pictures! ♥

chan? said...

that dress is so darling love it, :)
new follower :}

Sarah {RavingFashionista} said...

Love this shoot <3

The Wonder Of ... said...


It's all very Florence-esque.

You've got amazing style, can't believe you're only 14. xxx