Saturday, 25 September 2010

It's that ancient love

First of all hey 40 followers! That's quite exciting for me, it's nice to know that after 6 months of writing my blog some people like to read it! I would however like to know what you want from my posts, I personally like posts on blogs that include some of the bloggers personal style and what they get up to, but maybe that's just because I'm a nosey person!

SO today I went on a bike ride with my good friends Lanta and Lucy, the original idea was that we were going to take pictures, but looking back I don't really have any, but I was vain enough to get Lanta to take some of me for here! Oh and I'm trying to work on my outfit posts to make them more interesting instead of just being stood in my bedroom, my problem is that I'm the only one in the family that can really work a camera so if any one has any tips they would be much appreciated!

5 Whispered words:

The Wonder Of ... said...

i love your duffel coat - its so cute!! <3

Tati said...

this is so cute! i love the bikes! come stop by my blog :)

Rebecca said...

Lovely pictures beautiful dress I'm following now lovely blog :)

Rebecca x

Spence. said...

These photos are amazing, especially the second one - you look stunning!

danniekate said...

i love love your coat! lovely blog x