Sunday, 17 October 2010

I live off lies and superstitions

Hi everyone! As per usual a pretty average week, had a mock maths gcse, everyone in my set got ungraded, so it's looking positive! Friday I went to my friend Olivia's house with some friends, danced to 80's music and 'sounds from the 60's' in her kitchen and then made a four tier cake, I know impressive!

What I wore on Saturday
Blouse h&m Skirt-Primark
The gang with the cake

Short post, jeez I need to do more interesting stuff to blog about hah

4 Whispered words:

Rebecca said...

You look lovely I've got a maths mock on Wednesday I havnt done to well when we've done some exams in class so I'm sure I'll fail this mock miserably :L xx

rebecca said...

love your skirt! and that cake looks yummy (: eighties music is the best :D

Spence. said...

Sounds like fun :)
I really wana make a rainbow cake (several tiers of sponge cake with a multitude of food colouring) if it goes right it could look fantastic, if it goes wrong it could end up looking like playdough, and no one over the age of five wants to eat playdough, tehe.
... sorry I'm ranting at you, the mention of 'cake' got me thinking about it ;)

Oh I really like the way you've decorated your room btw. The flag bunting in the corner is amazing!


Abi said...

Four tier cake? Wow! How did you manage that? I love baking but have only managed to make two-tiers. Nothing quite like 80s music to get you through the night. Sounds fun

Love your skirt! Nice pairing with the belt.