Friday, 29 October 2010

Marry me outside by the willow trees

Hey everyone, sorry for my blogging absence it's been half term and I was certain I'd be blogging loads but alas the case was not so.

Round up of my life, Tuesday I took some pictures with Chloe which will be up soon after I've sorted through them. Yesterday during the day I went to go ape, which involved jumping out of trees, like you do. Then in the evening I went round Lucy's for dinner with the gang which was Hawaiian themed, exotic I know! Below are pictures from Wednesday when everyone was round at mine for a vintage themed dinner, floral tea cups and all. I apologise for bad photo quality.

(Yes, they are my real glasses hah)
I'm going to London tomorrow with the family, thinking of going to brick lane because I know there's a beyond retro around and was wondering if it was worth it and if there is anywhere else worth visiting?
I'll blog soon, promise!

4 Whispered words:

Rebecca said...

Lovely photo's :) xx

olivia grace said...

I only just saw this, otherwise I could have suggested some places around East London and West for vintage shopping! xx

Aida Apple said...

Beyond Retro in brick lane is definitely worth it and there's one in Soho too. Brick Lane is just brilliant in general, especially on a sunday :)

danniekate said...

looks like fun! i personally find it hard to find stuff that fits in beyond retro, but you must go to liberty (even though the clothes are verry £££). oh and get cupcakes from the hummingbird on wardour st :) x