Friday, 7 May 2010

Tell me the truth is it love or just paris?

Not too much has happened in my love that's particularly interesting. Just trying to think... umm nope haha x

The weathers been cold and damp and just in general horrible, it's not been pleasant. C'est la vie. So today I thought I would show you my favourite three things in my room at the moment

1. This is a music box my grandad made for me when I must have been like 7. Some of the picture of the rose has rubbed off but I still love it.
2. This is a mirror set that my grandad got my grandma as a present once years and years ago. And she gave them to me, she said she never liked them I don't understand how she couldn't, I love them the soft floral pattern and the lace.

3. This was an old plain jewellery box of my mums that I covered with odds and ends, the picture in the middle is of me and my cousin sat in my aunts old Volkswagen camper van.

Here are my shorts I destroyed. Not one of my favourite items in my room but I thought I would post about them anyway haha. They used to be knee length and minging. It was quite fun killing them but they are just slightly wonky down the back but no one will ever know!

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