Saturday, 8 May 2010

Deep in delusion sending me over

Weather still rubbish. It's somewhat depressing it's got to be said. So decided to go on a vintage mission, that failed. Went into two charity shops gave up haha. One day I WILL go to Brighton and I will do it properly, it's just pathetic here for vintage. This is what I wore for our outing, yes, I know you've seen the skirt before but I love it and my denim jacket. I live in that jacket.
I ended up leaving town with just a nail varnish, bright yet light blue and a pink but Fern's borrowing that at the mo. Oh and a milkshake. So a successful day I feel. ALTHOUGH on the way back I did get a free body shop lip gloss and balm and free chocolate and a free compeed blister patch! Free things always brighten a day x

1 Whispered words:

Fern, x said...

I am not 'borrowing' that nail varnish, we are SHARING it.
I'm paying half.
When Lucy S pays me back.