Monday, 3 May 2010

My heart is yearning but paris is burning

Hello all, the weather was being lovely until Saturday when it decided to rain. I felt stupid wearing my sandals its got to be said. Right now I'm watching total wipeout, people falling over, its all you need. Maybe my life ambition should maybe be to feature on this program, how much fun?!

So seeing as I'm going on holiday with the family in June, I need summer clothes. Bring on the purchases.
White lace top-not a clue, Brown satchel- Primark £6.00, Floral shorts that look like a skirt but they arnt- Tk maxx- £12.99

Cream lace skirt- Primark £9.00, Belt- Mothers really old one so lets call that vintage, Purple cardigan- Primark, Black top- h&m. I'm having some trouble trying to find something to wear with this skirt because its an awkward shade of cream.

Jumpsuit- ZARA £30.00

So my school does the most stupid thing called 'super learning day' I know, it makes you want to gag at the sound of it. Usually these days consist of a whole day of maths in some dark classroom whilst everyone just sleeps. BUT this time to my surprise we were doing some half decent! We made vintage inspired dresses from newspaper. HEAVEN. So here is me and my friend lucys 50's newspaper dress...
If you don't get a post in a while its because Im busy 'revising' for the upcoming test tomorrow and Thursday. Byee x

4 Whispered words:

Anonymous said...

Oh my golly, loved all three of your outfits. & the newspaper dress, I would may consider wearing that out, snap a few pics. Thank you for following back! I really want some floral shorts, you may have read in the previous post of mine. & them floral shorts are actually gorgeous. Would it be possible to give me the link of where you got them? If not, not to worry but it would be much appreciated!
Much love,
Izzy -

Fern, x said...

ellss bells, i'm loving the new clothes.
you smell.
Why can't my mother just say: oooh lets go out and get some new clothes!
Its very depressing to be honest,
I can't wait till saturday ;D

Elliejane.x said...

Heyy, Isabel. I got the shorts from TK MAXX, you might have heard of it I don't know. Basically its a huge mash up of loads of minging clothes with some nice ones. They have a website but I've never used it so here you go x

Jazzabelle said...

thank-you for such a sweet comment, my dear! all of your clothes look lovely, i want the cream lace skirt! :) the newspaper dress looks pretty cool, i made something similar out of photocopies of my vogue magazines for one of my college projects :)