Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Gonna make my own money, gonna buy my own land

Blazer- Zara    Dress- H&M

The end of exams are in sight, just two more gruelling ones then I'm done. *victory dance to come on eileen*. I've become such a regular in the public library now that I know when all the librarians have their shifts. I KNOW WHEN TO AVOID YOU LADY THAT LIKES COMPLETE EAR SPLITTING SILENCE, I KNOW WHEN YOU WORK. Not that that makes any difference to me, seeing as I'm usually there revising on my own. PARTY HARD. 

If you have exams, I hope they're going a-okay. Hit the books, they don't hit back. Fight with the bull, get the horns. Hugs not drugs. You can do it guys, I believe in you. 

Until next time.

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