Monday, 29 July 2013

Long time no blog speak my friends. How are you? Have you managed to ascertain what kind of mood the English weather is in today? I haven't, I've been sweating in my black tights all day. Making bad life choices since '96.

Anyway, the other week was my 'Sixth Form Summer Ball'. We all dressed up proper fancy and the dj played some 'choons', it was a pretty rockin'. A cautionary tale for you children, don't tape a hip flask to your upper leg, it's not klassy or practical, especially when it starts leaking down your leg. Just don't do it. Another good life choice by me.

My dress was my grandma's which she wore for her 21st, made for her by her mum, which was my favourite story to tell everyone on the night! It made me happy. It's now hung in my room, hopefully I'll be able to wear it again soon.

Feel free to play the game, guess which Ellie thinks is her 'side'. Have you guessed yet?!


by me.

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