Sunday, 24 April 2011

You can't save me now, I'm in the grip of a hurricane

Yup, the post the I accidently published yesterday.

I wore this shopping when I went in search of a new pair of sandals. Shoe shopping is something that I honestly dread due to the fact that my feet are huge, (a size 8 or 9, cue audible gasp ha) they're also really narrow and I have no arch so I can't wear anything without a strap across the top. But do not fret I found some!

I like wearing maxi skirts/dresses, I feel much more mysterious and graceful, although just because I feel it doesn't mean I look it, as proved by when I nearly tripped over my skirts going up the stairs in UO, yep I'm that hip I call it UO now.

School tomorrow, and I've just realised I've lost my storyboard for my media project. Yay.

Shirt-Topshop, Skirt-Primark, I lied, I can't keep away from it. Sunglasses-Topshop.

7 Whispered words:

Ifee. said...

cute outfit! and we share the same shoe size, i fit in 7's 8's and 9's depending on the shop. I used to be really concious of the size, but nowadays people have big feet so no worries! As always i love the way you edited your pictures! xx

GIAA said...

awh i love that look!!!!



Belle&Alexa said...

Such a nice outfit! :)x

Tegan said...

Love the maxi skirt! Your garden is quite cool xo

Jazzabelle said...

your pleated maxi is from primark?! it's beautiful! i shall be searching my local primarks as soon as to try and get my hands on one! you look lovely, the skirt looks great teamed with the sheer shirt. xxx

Kelsey K. said...

Great combination!
+ your garden looks so nice

Kelsey K.

Julia said...

very cute skirt! love it!